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Avinor Oslo Airport – Project of the Year

Facilitating tomorrow’s travel experiences, designed for efficiency and a low cost of living. Avinor Oslo Airport (T2) has been named Project of the Year 2016 by Prosjekt Norge.

The ICT infrastructure is one of the central elements of any new building, not least in an airport, and is designed to provide services to most of the people working or moving through the facilities. In order to ensure sound interaction and optimum coordination between the ICT field and all the other technical enterprises as early as possible in the construction period, the developer leading the development project at Avinor Oslo Airport decided to integrate ICT infrastructure considerations at an early stage of the project planning phase.

Our role in the project
We were awarded the ICT infrastructure contract for the T2 project, and chose to partner with Skarpe to complete the project. Our responsibilities included detailed project planning and construction of the network for all new areas of the airport, while Skarpe served as the Project Management Office (PMO) responsible for project management and all project-related support features.

In addition, the project was given the task of mapping and preparing all technical interfaces between the computer network and other technical deliveries such as security scanning systems, check-in machines, counters, telephony, wireless networks and access control functions. To ensure systematic and close communication with the approximately 40 sub-contractors, we established dedicated roles such as Infrastructure Coordinator and Interface Manager.

The ICT contract involved a responsibility for the secondary contract deliveries related to telephony, screens, Private Mobile Radio (PMR) and wireless networks (WLAN).

You can read more about the project and its implementation on Skarpe’s homepage.


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