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Smart Security

How can you defend yourself against invisible threats? Data breaches and targeted attacks can be going on for a long time before they are detected.

Our security concept

Most business prioritize going digital, but fail to similarly prioritize digital security. This makes them attractive targets for malicious entities. We also see that the current security market is comprised of a vast number of providers, products and fields of expertise. The result is fragmented solutions based on silos of information. Fast-paced developments and advanced threats that are constantly changing is a continuous challenge for the security industry, making it fragmented and complex to keep track of for you as a customer. In addition, the business market has to relate to a vast number of different security solutions and services. Many businesses implement solutions from several different providers. As the intercommunication between these different solutions is little to none, the actual ability to identify threats and security events in a greater context is reduced. It can be quite challenging to stay up-to-date, identify opportunities quickly and be one step ahead as new threats appear.

Smart Security

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Proactivity – insight – automation
We want to provide a comprehensive security architecture depending on a limited number of market leading manufacturers. This will ensure an adequate and secure flow of information between different features of the security architecture, and ensure that new threats are dealt with dynamically. Our security concept has four main features in an architectural perspective; integration, automation, intelligence and insight. Together, these properties create a greater whole: Proactivity. It will help safeguard you against advanced future cyber attacks targeting your business and your sensitive information.

This security architecture will ensure a dynamic, continually reconfiguring infrastructure that changes in response to security threats observed globally, nationally and locally in the customer’s infrastructure. Automation is vastly used for updating components in case of security events.

Smart Security

Protect – Detect – Analyze – Respond

Our security concept builds on end-to-end security from mobile and endpoints to networks, applications and cloud services. It is comprised of a series of individual services that can be combined and adapted to your business. The services can be customized according to your systems’ capacity, features, other integrations and service level agreements. Our Operational Security Center is your operational partner and the hub for the various security services we provide.

Components in our End-to-end security concept:

  • – Incident Response Team
  • – Vulnerability Analysis
  • – Identity Access Control
  • – New Generation Firewall
  • – Secure DNS
  • – E-mail Security
  • – Security Collaboration
  • – Cloud Security
  • – Secure Cloud Connect
  • – DDOS
  • – Web Security
  • – Security Monitoring
  • – National Threat Intelligence – TSOC
  • – Global Threat Intelligence – TALOS
  • – Local Threat Intelligence – NOC and SOC

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