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We at Telenor Inpli have the necessary expertise to solve unique and complex problems in a variety of industries. We can help you identify opportunities and realize your potential for growth and innovation, and for preparing your business for the future.

Public sector

We are very experienced in providing network technology and communication solutions to the public sector and municipalities across the country, and we see that their focus is shifting from using local client-specific solutions to adopting cloud-based services.

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We have extensive experience in designing and implementing seamless and flexible network infrastructure where users can move around without constantly connecting and disconnecting.

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Banking, finance and insurance

We have long experience in providing business critical network infrastructure to the banking, finance and insurance sector, and will be happy to discuss your opportunities with you.

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Energy production

We have long and close relationships with many of the industry players, and can provide innovation processes, consulting, and implementation and operation of network infrastructure and security sollutions.

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An important building block in approaching this is to have a digital foundation where the various parts of your value chain can communicate in a safe and efficient way. We are more than happy to contribute to innovation projects, and we have long experience in designing network and security solutions.

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We have developed a comprehensive system for connectivity at sea, which provides the basis for digitalization and efficiency improvement in the aquaculture industry.

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We are very familiar with the challenges the retail industry is facing, and have provided a great number of businesses in the retail industry with robust network infrastructure solutions.

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As Norway’s health sector increasingly goes digital, with electronic transfers of sensitive information and digital information storage, a robust security and network infrastructure is a key premise for success.

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Oil and gas

We have extensive industry experience in the fields of infrastructure, networks and security. In our role as a consulting partner we assist in laying the groundwork for digitalization, efficiency improvement and optimization for our customers.

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