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About Telenor Inpli

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Telenor Inpli builds the foundation you need to go digital, innovate, and create new business opportunities. As a leading Scandinavian provider of network and security solutions, we provide business critical IT infrastructure to key institutions and help develop essential functions for our modern world.  

Telenor Inpli is a result of the merger of the Norwegian company Datametrix and Swedish companies Network Services and Daxcom into one company. Telenor Inpli has 450 highly skilled employees working in offices in Malmö, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Oslo, Bergen, Ålesund, Stavanger and Trondheim.

Safe choices for the road ahead

We helped create the digital bedrock on which the modern Norwegian and Swedish societies are built. So even if the name is new, our roots go deep, and we are highly experienced. Datametrix was established as early as 1982, while Network Services was established in 2001. Since then, both companies have been leaders in providing network and security solutions to their respective markets.

This experience, combined with in-depth insight into various technologies as well as technological and social trends, enables us to meet the complex demands of current and future business environments. We understand these environments, and can assist our customers in making safe choices for the road ahead – for today and for the future.

Development and innovation

Our name reflects our forward-looking attitude. “Inpli” is made up of two words that hint at what we do: In means “up-to-date”, whilst pli means “development”.

To stay ahead of the game with innovation and new developments, expertise, insights and experience are essential. For more than 30 years, the companies that make up Telenor Inpli have been at the forefront of developments and assisted their customers through several technology shifts.

Now that the two companies join forces, and the affiliation and cooperation with Telenor is clarified and strengthened, our impact force and market position will be stronger than ever.


Creating value for our customers

As a result, we create value for our customers through smarter use of technology, more effective processes and by always looking ahead in pursuit of the best solution to your challenges.

At the core, Telenor Inpli relies on our robust expertise in security, infrastructure and network solutions, and our clients know us as a flexible, solution-oriented and strategic partner. We will give you advice you can trust – and provide you with comprehensive solutions for the entire architecture of your business.

Networks and security

Telenor Inpli provides services within two core areas of expertise:


In addition to our core services, we also provide communication and collaboration solutions to our customers, often in close cooperation with Telenor and complemented by Telenor’s own solutions.

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