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We provide trust and partnerships, and build the foundation you need to digitize, innovate, and create new business opportunities. Yet above all we deliver value creation through smarter use of technology, more effective processes and knowledge of the industry and the market.

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If you wish to get in touch with us, you will find an overview of our various offices and business locations, contact information and a contact form here.

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Telenor Inpli is a result of the merger of the Norwegian company Datametrix and Swedish company Network Services into one company. Telenor Inpli has 450 highly skilled employees working in offices in Malmö, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Oslo, Stavanger Bergen, Ålesund, Trondheim and Singapore.

If you’re curious about our choices for the road ahead, today and in the future, as well as our vision and mission, you can read more here.

About us

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Without us, life would grind to a halt

Without us, life would grind to a halt

Everything is connected. The glue keeping it all together is the infrastructure: The roads, power grids, airports and water pipes – things we should never take for granted, although we rarely really think about them. In addition to this physical infrastructure, our society has become increasingly dependent on an invisible, yet permanent system – digital infrastructure.

At Telenor Inpli, our job is to build this digital infrastructure. We provide the services that make your everyday life function smoothly. Services that are crucial in fulfilling the potential of our safe and sound society. For more information about our values and what drives us forward, read our amazing brand story here.

Our Brand Story

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We have strategic partnerships with market leading partners and suppliers within our industry. Our amazing suppliers and partners help us boost the scope of our deliveries.

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Sales and delivery conditions
You can find our Sales and delivery conditions here

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